Tuesday, January 5, 2021

dusting off the old blog

 Well Hello there!!!

other than posting a few times a year my letters to the girls for their birthdays, I have not actually made a blog post in a VERY VERY long time! I am missing it and with the current climate of today's social media, I am wanting to create a safe place for myself to post. I understand really no where on the internet is completely safe but I have a little voice in the back of my head reminding me of a simpler time when I loved writing and sharing my days and little tid bits of my life on THIS blog!. 

So I thought I would test the waters and see if this change is actually something I want to implement back into my routine.

I have spent the last few months really reflecting on my why for even being on social media. 

it's connection.

I want to share my girls and my life with my family and friends. I want to know what they are doing in their lives. I want to interact with others going through similar life experiences. I want to get my photos out in the world for exposure and to gain new opportunities. I love to get ideas for photography, home decor, art projects, gardens, reading, ect. I love to see what God is doing in other's life and find ways I can help or get help if needed. 

Social media is such a great tool but can also be a dark place. I have in the last few years had friends and family block me because of a political stance. I have even felt myself judging and being upset at others for their choices. I have spent way too much time researching and fact checking the fact checkers only to just continue going in circles with others and getting no where at finding real solutions or even to come to a agree to disagree moment. This has caused too much stress and sadness for my own mental health and I feel it's been building up.

I don't want it to get worse. I don't want to live my life putting energy into things that I know in my core is not my calling to be on that battle field. I want to show the love of Jesus through my actions. I have so many flaws and I recognize them and want to actively work towards correcting them.

2020 was a very hard year for everyone and I don't want to spend a ton of time retelling all the ups and downs. I want to start fresh with this blog but I do want to explain that God has spoken so loud and clear to me about what he wants me to be focusing on. My girls, my marriage, my journey to becoming an Art teacher and laying down the ground work to goals we all have as a family and followers of Christ. I have so much to share!! So much content I want to dive more into and document. I just know that something needs to change with my current outlets. I truly feel the Christian community is under attack. So I am seeking a safe place that I can freely share without the fear of being censored. I am praying this is the answer. I don't plan to post much my Facebook page and Instagram. I will continue to be on there for contact reasons with family and friends. this is going to be the place from here on out where you will see pictures of me, my kids, my husband, my life. I am going to start out slow and post only once a week a recap of what we have done and maybe a bonus post of what's on my mind. I really want to get into writing more. I enjoy it even though I know I am not the most talented. 

I am ready for this change. I know it's the right thing to do.  

So if you are excited to read and see pictures here we go!!!

first up are just to update anyone on how much my girls have grown since the last time I posted:

 me and the Mr. are still smooching like we are teenagers 


Alright that's it for now but I Girl scout promise you I will be back!

what are you doing differently this year to help your mental health?

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