Thursday, June 12, 2014

Julia's birthday

Dear Julia,
another year older.
I know I say this with every milestone you reach but I really wish time would slow down.
your 9 years old today.
this past year you have taught me so much.
The storms between us seem to have settled. don't get me wrong you are still The Julia.
Just a little big calmer and happier
you are growing and making us so proud.
 You are so good at making friends and including others
you are always looking to have fun 

 You are so curious in everything
you want to know all the ins and outs of every single aspect of life.
full of questions and then you question all the answers you are given.

 You taught us about recycling and math fact tricks.

You want to write a book, make dresses and become a country music singer. you have big goals and you don't want to wait till you are older. You are ready to become successful right now.
My wish for you is that you slow down. enjoy childhood. 
You work hard so you can appreciate the success you receive.
Money is not success
Keep that drive you have
I hope you see how much your sisters idolize you and live to make you happy.
I hope you keep in mind especially in the hard times how much your daddy and I love you even in the hardest of times between us, We still love you more than anything.
your the smartest kid I know and someday you will surpass every smart person I know.
I am so excited to watch you grow and do amazing things.
when you were little you used to tell us 
"I loB you eber day eber day" (I love you every day every day)
now you say
"mom! stop taking my picture and stop telling embarrassing stories about me on facebook!"
Please slow down! 9 is too old and I am not ready for a preteen.

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