Saturday, November 4, 2017

3rd letter to Hazel

Dear Hazel,
 I have started this letter and then deleted it too many times to count.
nothing I write seems to really explain how special and loved you are.
3 years seems like such a short time to make such a huge impact on someone
 but I am forever changed as a person and mom 
because of you and everything you have taught me so far. 
It is truly a huge honor to be your mother and have a front row seat to watching you grow
Without a doubt you have big plans already in the works for your life.

You wake up with a smile on your face every day.
you walk down the steps and shout "morning mom! I had a good dream about you!"
then after hugs you ask so politely for some "Mellows cereal" (marshmallows)
I admit I only buy that kind of cereal to hear you say "mellows" over and over again. 
it's the sweetest.
Then you watch and make sure your "sisssorss" don't forget coats and lunch boxes before they leave for school.
you pay very close attention to details like that.
when your dad or I am doing our work outs you are always watching, cheering and working out right along side us.
Jerky is your best friend 
whether he likes it or not. 
you will not let a day go by that you don't smother him with hugs and kisses.
you always hold doors open for everyone.
you love to assist with diaper changes on the babysitting babies.
But if I ask you if we can have a baby of our own you are quick to say "NO! I AM THE BABY!"
if its clean up time you are the one that should get a shiny star sticker for biggest helper.
you are a great eater and you always tell me "Thank you for my dinner."
you have to fall asleep with at least 3 books in bed with you but you seem to think every book ONLY says "ABCD'S"
then after tucking you in and turning off the lights you say
 "night mom, I going to have a good dream about you!"
you make my heart melt!

you are feisty and have opinions. 
you have to be included in everything
you're not shy but you are quite.
you watch and take everything in.
you are cautious of who you trust but once someone gains your trust
 you let that sweetness just completely wrap them up and they are willing to walk on fire for you.
you are funny
but if someone is laughing at you, you shut down and they have to earn your trust all over again.
I hope you learn to let your guard down a little more. becasue everyone needs a little Hazel in their lives.

I am not sure if it's because you're the baby in the family or because it's your age or because its you but there are so many times I just look at you
 and I think no one can ever be cuter at life!
  everything you do, yawning, walking, relaxing,brushing hair, putting on shoes, zipping up a coat, sticking your tongue out, seriously it's all just SO CUTE! 
I feel that weird crazy animal mother instinct of wanting to eat your toes because I just can't handle how cute you are!!! 
I also admit I am a little goofy but I have to be honest. I am under your spell. so keep doing normal everyday things and know your mom is crazy in love with you and your absolute biggest fan.
 you are not a typical girlie girl. but you don't seemed phased one bit that the things that makes you happy are not at all what other girls do. your favorite color is orange. your favorite toy is your tool box. you are not to crazy about princesses but Clifford the big red dog that's your favorite!
  I have no idea what God has in store for your life. I know whatever it is it's going to be hard work that you will gladly roll up your sleeves and get it done. you inspire me and push me to do what I want to do, no matter what someone else thinks.

you're a breath of fresh air and a perfect hug when needed.
no amount of Thank you's could be said for all the love and help you have given these last 3 years.
Don't ever change.
although knowing you
you wouldn't even think about it anyway.
I like you a lot.
So my sweet Hazelnut
Daddy's Winnie
Hazel Gwendolyn

Happiest 3rd Birthday!
love, Mama
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