Tuesday, August 15, 2017

7th letter to Belle

Dear Belle,
your birthday was 4 days ago and I'm a just now writing this because I honestly don't want to.
I don't want you to be 7.
that's too big.
I remember every second, and I mean every second of the day you were born.
7 years seems too long ago to be able to remember every second.
but here we are and I have to force myself to do my mommy duties and write your birthday letter.

I have always said you were my mini me but better, smarter, prettier, funnier, kinder.
I am fascinated with how your brain works
your creativity and instinctive love for art.
it's truly in your blood.
you color every day
you would paint, sculpt, sew, paper mache, draw, build, and other form of art if mom didn't mind the mess.
it's what makes you happy.
it's how you express your thoughts and emotions and dreams.
I sneak little peeks into your notebook under your pillow of all your drawings and I just am blown away at your point of view of the world.
I pray every night you always pursue that amazing talent of yours.
 your humor is so reminiscent of your uncles.
my brothers always have the funniest things to say and they can turn any conversation into a huge belly laugh. I love that you have inherited that from them.
I describe it as very dry and smart but at the same time totally from left field and unexpected.
you know exactly how to lighten the mood and BURN someone without truly hurting their feelings hahahaha
 as much as you are like me 
you have so much from your dad also!
his need for clean and organized and perfection 
you are so particular about your clothes, your art supplies, your handwriting, your room.....well sometimes your room. sometimes I have to remind you to put your laundry away after a week of the basket sitting on the floor!!!
what I love though is out of all your sisters you are without a doubt the biggest daddy's girl. 
he was on a business trip for a week and you cried almost every day.
he still calls you his princess and you wear that title so proudly. I hope you never get embarrassed of that because that just might break his heart if you ever ask him to stop.
 your heart is so big and so caring
you are the second mommy of the house. 
always knowing when to give a hug to your sisters when they need it.
Always giving any help when asked.
Always willing to share everything of yours.
anyone is blessed to call you a friend.
I hope your quietness and shy tendencies don't stop you from making real strong friendships.
becasue you are just the kind of friend this world needs.
 your name means beauty. 
and just like the song on beauty and the beast (yes mom is going to bring that up, be proud of what your named after!!!) your looks have got not parallel!
You are gorgeous!
please please please never dye your hair!!!
never ever ever!!!!
I will probably cry 
but you know that's nothing new, I cry about everything when it comes to you girls.

 You are everything I ever wanted in a daughter and so much more! I just can not thank God enough for you. you are calm, sweet and like a breath of fresh air.
you know exactly how to make our crazy life feel like we can handle everything that's thrown at us.
 you have such a easy smile and once we see it all is right in the world.
Thank you so much for everything you do and everything you are.
I would be lost without you 
and you inspire me to keep going
to remember the important things in life
and to be grateful for every blessing.
I love you so much!
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