Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Photography fundraiser-Nominate a family!

I am so excited!!!!
I had to take last year off from doing a lot of my favorite Photography related projects due to adding to our family.
 This was one that I really struggled with. 
I have a passion in life to do whatever I can with whatever I have to help others.
It's one the most important lessons I want my children to learn and witness in me.
Here is a way I can combined all my loves in one.

 How it works. you let me know what photo you would like printed on an ornament. all photos must be a Chachi's Memories Photo (one I have taken.) due to copy right laws. you can order for a family member I have photographed and surprise them or just order from your own session. The cost is $25 the quality is amazing! it is metal with ribbon to hang! so these will last forever! here is the actual photos from my lab of what the ornaments will look like:
They really are beautiful and you will have in plenty of time for Christmas!

here is the best part!!!!
I don't want to make any money from this project. I have priced these ornament to cover the shipping cost but everything else will go directly to someone in need.
in the past I have donated to personal friends that put the money to very good use. medical bills, special needs car seat and food! 
This year I want your help to find the deserving family! please email me: or message me on facebook: Kassondra Taylor or Chachismemories  
let me know who you think could really use this money and why! 
I hope to make a HUGE impact on someones Christmas this year So please share with all your friends and family.
Lets fill our trees with beautiful images of our loved ones and do some good at the same time!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

drugs, from my point of view.

I get told by well meaning people almost every time I am asked about Julia's birth mom that,
"She is so lucky she has you."
I understand why they say this and I am thankful for the kind words. but it's one of the things I hate hearing the most.
She is my daughter.
and there is nothing lucky about how that happened.
she goes through pain and hurt
insecurities and abandonment issues on a daily biases.
I found this while cleaning out her room last week.
We have been told by our counselor that for Julia it is best that we be as honest about her past as we feel appropriate.
 so I had a conversation with her.
 She was in music class earlier that day and a song reminded her of her birth mom and she started to cry. She was embarrassed and everyone was asking her what was wrong and she didn't want to tell them.   
she just doesn't understand why. why would the one person who was supposed to love her the most just not love her enough to be here with her.
 I don't know the answer but I encouraged her to continue to write in her journal. I kissed her head and told her I was proud of her and she is worthy and loved.
There is no hand book on how to help in these situations.  
I do know that I am not a prize. 
I am not a wonderful amazing saint.
she is not lucky.
it has nothing to do with luck
it's love.
Whether addiction is a disease or a choice,
I don't care.
I know my daughter is hurting and 
I am trying with all my might to help hold her broken pieces together.
because she is my daughter.
not by birth but by God's plan.
I didn't wake up and say hey I am going to come in and save the day!
because most of the time I don't.
I make mistakes  
God put her in my life to teach me
to make me a better person
to stretch me so thin that the only thing I can do is to lean on him for guidance and strength.
for love and support.
She is MY prize.
She calls me mom
she hugs me every night
she wants me when she is sick or lonely or needing to vent.
I get to be the one that watches her succeeded and learn and grow.
we have extremely hard times and she is a tough strong willed fighter.
but she is mine.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hazel's first birthday letter

Dear Hazel,
I have heard many times that God gives you the kind of children you need. 
You are exactly the perfect fit for that.
You are so laid back and content.
calm and happy.
The perfect combination of sweet and just a tad of sass.

 your first few months were spent rushing around for the holidays and sports and school events and lots of kids (ours and babysitting) and other things that just caused me to stress. I hated feeling like I was being pulled to do everything when the only thing I wanted to do was to sit with you and get to know you. You were a big part of helping me put my foot down and finally stop taking on too much. Thank you. I hope that I have started to make it up to you.
 this past year has gone way too fast. I am so proud of all you have accomplished and all the milestones you reached. everyday I can see your little mind growing and learning.
 I have a confession.
 I was never all that great at school and I feared that I would pass that to my kids and you would struggle. 
But even at this young age your daddy and I can tell that you study everything around you. 
you take it all in and you really try to figure things out. 
how it works 
how you can do it
then you do.
  I will never ever forget that moment of holding you with butterflies in my stomach as all three of your big sisters walked into the hospital room to meet you. The smiles one their faces and the oo's and aww's about how cute you were made me so happy BUT when Stella started crying saying
 "MY real baby Hazel?!?" 
over and over, I couldn't hold back my tears! 
It is the biggest pleasure and honor of my life to be able to bring you 4 together as sisters. They welcomed you into their club and you will always have each other no matter what.
you are pure joy.
another perfect piece to our family puzzle
the biggest Blue eyes every stranger has ever seen
the happiest alarm clock
give the best kisses at just the right time
your love with food
and our little brave monkey

I look forward to every day I get to spend with my little side kick.
I am so crazy in love with mama's girl!
This past year has been one to remember.

Happy 1st Birthday
Hazel Gwendolyn Taylor.
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