Wednesday, July 31, 2013

our bedrooms

Our master bedroom is pretty much still the same.
except I took down the book wallpaper.
I really liked it but we are going to paint this room soon so I took it down.
My husband got us a free FREE freeeeeeeee new bed frame!
and it's gorgeous! 
I am in love with my bed now!

 I actually hung a few things on the walls

 our room is off limits to the kids.
just a thing I feel weird about like the toys in the living room thing but it's the only room in the house that is my husbands and mine 
but every once in a while this little booger sneaks in to jump on the bed!
she shares a room with Julia and that room also hasn't changed too much 
except the awesome bunk bed!

 Thier wall is still painted like here
but it will be changing soon too. 
The girls want something different
I don't mind because all the little imperfections are starting to drive my crazy!

Then peek into the next room is lil Stella's retreat
I love the color on her walls so that's the same. 
we had to get a new bed for her because the older one was a death trap and she almost died!
OK I might be exaggerating a bit but it freaked me out so bad that she was forbidden to sleep in it any longer.
other than that it's the same but rearranged.

 "I think I want to go for a ride..."
 "giddy up!"
so that's our bedrooms.
the only thing left is........THE KITCHEN!!! stay tuned for that! it's a huge change!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Just to update form yesterday!!
My husband rocked his interview and landed that dream job!!!!
He starts next week and we could not be more grateful for all of your prayers!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!!!!

back to my week of my house tour:
My dinning/play/craft room is one of the busiest most used room in our house!
It has been through a lot of changes too
when we first moved this was the color on the walls
then I tried to do a stensle and that failed misterabley!
you can see it in the background of these pictures
so we wanting just to carry on a happy colors and choose yellow.
I love it!!!
of course we still have the chalk board table but I painted the rest of the wood to match my craft cabinet.
 and here is the toy corner.
 It is a HUGE pet peeve of mine to have toys in the living room! So everything get shoved back into this room when they are done playing with it.
 and you remember my Ugly bathroom right!!!
well it's still Ugly!
we plan on remodeling this next year!!!

 Then the upstairs bathroom is still pretty much the same except we added a shelf/cubby hole thing.

Monday, July 29, 2013

his man cave/ prayer request

now to share my husband's computer room
it's a little room although these pictures make it look bigger
the furniture was froma  dear friend that just one day called me and asked if we would like them. 
I love free and I love friends that think of us before throwing nice things away :)
(yes he has 3 monitors....that's a whole nother story! but we are past that and he does use all of them)

 We had been on the look out for a small couch to fit in here for his friends and sometimes me to have a place to sit while visiting in his room. and yes Twinkie (hamster) back in the corner has like a HUGE 2 story cage!

this is my husbands version of a man cave. He is a true computer nerd but I think he's the hottest :P I mean seriously he has some wierd water cooling thing that runs his computer that he built from stratch! 
any it's kind of ironic to me that I am sharing his room today because today is a big day for him! He recently got a job opportunity and has been trying to figure out things and what route he wants to continue with his career. He is super excited about and feels he would be perfect for it so today he goes in for an interview!!!! we have been praying very hard for this and hope you will join us. he/we need this more than you know!
thank you :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

my living room

Since we had our house spotless for Stella's birthday party I thought it would be a good time to take some pictures so I could show you all the work we did!
When choosing a color I went back and forth a thousand times!
 We knew we wanted Blue
it's my husband and I's favorite color
but the shade of blue was tough
We want people to feel happy when they come to our house.
Julia's favorite color rainbow has started rubbing off on me and so we added touches of things with different rainbow patterns.
(we are planing on replacing the front door so we didn't paint it the scratch marks are not from Jerky but the previous owners dog)
 if there was ever a fire I would without a doubt grab my scrapbooks so they are strategically place close to the front door for that reason. I have a lot of scrapbooks and a whole dresser full of pictures!
Hours before the party they were in charge of blowing up balloons

 one of the favorite things about my house! our gorgeous fire place!

 so that's my living room/entry way I would show you the stair case-the same color but I need new frames for my pictures that are going to be hug up.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

best friends

I remember my first Best friend. 
she lived a couple house down the street and we were always together!
building clubhouses in the woods, swimming in the pool, talking about boys 
we shared secrets and dreams 
We made up dances to songs and did each others hair and makeup
Then one day my heart broke when I found out her family was moving across the country.
I hugged her and said good bye 
never in a million years would I have ever thought I would see her again
she did come back to visit a few years later and surprised me at my job
I probably scared the crap out of a few costumers when I screamed! 
and also
and thanks to Facebook I get to see pictures of her wedding, children and life.
 It's such a awesome thing sometimes!

When we moved into our house 2 years ago I was so excited to meet the little girl named Noelle that lived right behind us. She's in the same grade as Julia. And they have the best time together. I think about the saying, God made us friends because our mother couldn't handle us as sisters. It is totally true! They are two peas in a pod! partners in crime!  
Then two other girls moved in next door and the four of them just are the funniest little group of girls around. It's one of the best feelings to watch outside my window and know that Julia is making life long friendships with these girls. 
Well two weeks ago Julia came home crying 
Noelle is moving
I felt like I had went back in time.
my heart broke for my little girl
we had Noelle and her friends join us for Stella s party, Noelle spent the night and the girls stayed up really late watching movies and eating popcorn laughing
They went swimming and played outside everyday.
We even did a little photo shoot for all the girls:

Tomorrow is the day we all say goodbye to Julia's best friend. 
it's going to be a hard day for her
and even harder week trying to cope with the empty house behind us.
I know I need to be there for Julia and help her through this. We have exchanged numbers and email with Noelle's mom and we will plan some play dates but I know it wont be the same.
I hope they stay close and 
one day far from now I will let her get a facebook account and she can look her up. :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Twisted fairytale

A couple weeks ago I attended a meet up that my photographer friend Kim set up. 
it was called the Twisted fairytale.
It was SO much fun! 
at first I felt really intimidated
all these photographers with all their super fancy cameras and accessories
but then once we got started I just did my thing and posed the girls how I had envisioned and they were amazing!

I am so in love with these pictures and I have gained a new confidence in myself and I want to branch out into more fun shoots like this one. in fact I have one I have planned out later this week! eek!

change of plans

 So the other day I made plans to go to a civil war reenactment thing. I love those kind of events and festivals where people dress up and act like they came from another century. I always thought that would be a cool job! 
any way my mom came with us and we were all super excited but when we parked the car I noticed not many other cars where there......
 yep I got the dates wrong some how :( no civil war battle and ladies walking around in pretty hoop dresses, sun hats with flowers.... If you know me at all this stuff happens all the time, read here
 o-well we took advantage of the day and visited a park

 Then headed down to the creek to cool off a bit

This picture is for all you people that think my kids are always happily willing to have their picture taken.....
The Julia got to love her
 We were still pretty hot so we headed down to the ice cream parlor....

 Stella had a taste of everyone's ice cream and as we were cleaning up a couple walked by with their ice cream cones in hand and Stella waved at them to come to her so she could taste it
it is a true mystery as to why she is so small because the girl is like a bottomless pit and always wanting to eat more.

The civil war thing would have been awesome but we had a really good day anyway and some of these pictures are my new favorites :)
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