Wednesday, July 31, 2013

our bedrooms

Our master bedroom is pretty much still the same.
except I took down the book wallpaper.
I really liked it but we are going to paint this room soon so I took it down.
My husband got us a free FREE freeeeeeeee new bed frame!
and it's gorgeous! 
I am in love with my bed now!

 I actually hung a few things on the walls

 our room is off limits to the kids.
just a thing I feel weird about like the toys in the living room thing but it's the only room in the house that is my husbands and mine 
but every once in a while this little booger sneaks in to jump on the bed!
she shares a room with Julia and that room also hasn't changed too much 
except the awesome bunk bed!

 Thier wall is still painted like here
but it will be changing soon too. 
The girls want something different
I don't mind because all the little imperfections are starting to drive my crazy!

Then peek into the next room is lil Stella's retreat
I love the color on her walls so that's the same. 
we had to get a new bed for her because the older one was a death trap and she almost died!
OK I might be exaggerating a bit but it freaked me out so bad that she was forbidden to sleep in it any longer.
other than that it's the same but rearranged.

 "I think I want to go for a ride..."
 "giddy up!"
so that's our bedrooms.
the only thing left is........THE KITCHEN!!! stay tuned for that! it's a huge change!

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