Wednesday, October 31, 2012

my cross dressing dog

We can not forget about a very important member of our family! 
you do remember his costume last year dont you?

Well this year I used a brown paper bag
 Cut strips out
 and added a lei

 don't let his face fool you he LOVES dressing like a girl!

click it up

Click It Up A Notch

Witches fingers

Julia's Halloween party is today! I decided not to take on all the responsibilities of throwing the party this year. Instead I just will make treats. I found this super cute idea on the wonderful world of pinterest. 

white chocolate 
 green food dye
 melt it
 coat pretzels
 add more food coloring to make the chocolate black
 paint on finger nails and knuckles
Happy Halloween everyone! I can't wait to take Justin Bieber, taco belle and the peacock trick or treating!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


On Saturday I had a big secret photo shoot to do

 It was Patty's 70th surprise birthday party! and let me just tell you she was very surprised!

I set up a little photo booth with a backdrop and props

All of Patty's family and friends showed up. it is very clear that Patty is a very loved person.
Happy Birthday!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Justin Bieber

This year the Julia completely caught me and her daddy off guard when she told us she wanted to be Justin Bieber for Halloween!
Brian tried to talk her into being his biggest girl fan but she said that wasn't good enough she wanted to BE Justin Bieber!

We didn't try any harder to change her mind. She has offically developed her first celebraty crush. no more princesses and butterflies. my baby has grown up! (not pictured is her sunglasses and microphone to complete her look)

Taco Belle

"Did you know your mom named you Belle just for the sole purpose of making Halloween costumes?" my cousin whispered to my 2 year old.
it's not true...well partly.
My daughter was named Belle for a bunch of reasons but I am having a lot of fun planning out her Halloween costumes around her name. There is just so many options and I have to take advantage of this time where she has no say over what she wants to dress like.

First I took an old Brown shirt.
 cut and sewed on felt to look like lettuce
 and tomatoes
 Next I bought a kitchen rug and cut out arm holes
 we also found a sombrero at the dollar store! 

and voila! here is Taco Belle:


Halloween is tomorrow!
 I wanted to share my daughters costumes. I have planed them out for a couple of months now and was so excited to start working. 
first up is Stella.
 (keep an eye out for the other two they will be posted today sometime)
like I have said a million times I like to create things with supplies I already have on hand. The only thing I had to purchase was the feathers. I wanted actual peacock feathers but they are like $4 per feather! crazy!!! So I bought a bag full of purple feathers for $1, much better!
 I used my favorite crafting tool
 the glue gun
 and hot glued about 5 or 6 feathers to a pipe cleaner.

 Then glued them to the ribbon
 Tied it around her waist. she is wearing a blue onsie and pink and white stripe leggings and a head band with a feather.
 She will be trick or treating in the carrier so everyone can see her feathers up right.
 She is super excited for her first Holiday. she told me she understood why she wasn't allowed to eat any jaw breakers but kindly asked if I would sneak her a 3 musketeers.
 she's pretty hard to say no to.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Stricker's Grove pictures

We finally got our family pictures taken! I asked my wonderful friend Angie if she would please follow  my crazy hyper children around Stricker's Grove and take family pictures. She probably thinks I am crazy! But I wanted something fun and different for our pictures. I love them!


There are some changes coming to this little blog soon and next week will be a jammed pack week So keep on the look out because I might be adding two post per day just to keep up with things!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

broke down in a cow field

Let me tell you what a great Guy this is!
Ethan is a senior football player at My old high school W.H.Harrison.
He has big plans to play football in college but his real dream is to be a math teacher for special education!
 and he helps work on his family's dairy farm. Yes a dairy farm!! I was so thrilled to actually pet a cow!
 there was a certain tree that Ethan really wanted pictures by. But in order to get there we had to take  a ride.

the only problem was half way there it broke down!!! so I am stuck in the middle of a cow field with my camera! lets just say this actually made my day! I mean seriously who else can say that this sort of stuff happens while they are working? anyway we did make it to the tree and it was SO worth it!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

pretty day for pictures

It was such a pretty day to take family pictures. A little cold but still beautiful!

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