Sunday, July 28, 2013

my living room

Since we had our house spotless for Stella's birthday party I thought it would be a good time to take some pictures so I could show you all the work we did!
When choosing a color I went back and forth a thousand times!
 We knew we wanted Blue
it's my husband and I's favorite color
but the shade of blue was tough
We want people to feel happy when they come to our house.
Julia's favorite color rainbow has started rubbing off on me and so we added touches of things with different rainbow patterns.
(we are planing on replacing the front door so we didn't paint it the scratch marks are not from Jerky but the previous owners dog)
 if there was ever a fire I would without a doubt grab my scrapbooks so they are strategically place close to the front door for that reason. I have a lot of scrapbooks and a whole dresser full of pictures!
Hours before the party they were in charge of blowing up balloons

 one of the favorite things about my house! our gorgeous fire place!

 so that's my living room/entry way I would show you the stair case-the same color but I need new frames for my pictures that are going to be hug up.

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