Wednesday, July 24, 2013

best friends

I remember my first Best friend. 
she lived a couple house down the street and we were always together!
building clubhouses in the woods, swimming in the pool, talking about boys 
we shared secrets and dreams 
We made up dances to songs and did each others hair and makeup
Then one day my heart broke when I found out her family was moving across the country.
I hugged her and said good bye 
never in a million years would I have ever thought I would see her again
she did come back to visit a few years later and surprised me at my job
I probably scared the crap out of a few costumers when I screamed! 
and also
and thanks to Facebook I get to see pictures of her wedding, children and life.
 It's such a awesome thing sometimes!

When we moved into our house 2 years ago I was so excited to meet the little girl named Noelle that lived right behind us. She's in the same grade as Julia. And they have the best time together. I think about the saying, God made us friends because our mother couldn't handle us as sisters. It is totally true! They are two peas in a pod! partners in crime!  
Then two other girls moved in next door and the four of them just are the funniest little group of girls around. It's one of the best feelings to watch outside my window and know that Julia is making life long friendships with these girls. 
Well two weeks ago Julia came home crying 
Noelle is moving
I felt like I had went back in time.
my heart broke for my little girl
we had Noelle and her friends join us for Stella s party, Noelle spent the night and the girls stayed up really late watching movies and eating popcorn laughing
They went swimming and played outside everyday.
We even did a little photo shoot for all the girls:

Tomorrow is the day we all say goodbye to Julia's best friend. 
it's going to be a hard day for her
and even harder week trying to cope with the empty house behind us.
I know I need to be there for Julia and help her through this. We have exchanged numbers and email with Noelle's mom and we will plan some play dates but I know it wont be the same.
I hope they stay close and 
one day far from now I will let her get a facebook account and she can look her up. :)

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