Monday, July 22, 2013

change of plans

 So the other day I made plans to go to a civil war reenactment thing. I love those kind of events and festivals where people dress up and act like they came from another century. I always thought that would be a cool job! 
any way my mom came with us and we were all super excited but when we parked the car I noticed not many other cars where there......
 yep I got the dates wrong some how :( no civil war battle and ladies walking around in pretty hoop dresses, sun hats with flowers.... If you know me at all this stuff happens all the time, read here
 o-well we took advantage of the day and visited a park

 Then headed down to the creek to cool off a bit

This picture is for all you people that think my kids are always happily willing to have their picture taken.....
The Julia got to love her
 We were still pretty hot so we headed down to the ice cream parlor....

 Stella had a taste of everyone's ice cream and as we were cleaning up a couple walked by with their ice cream cones in hand and Stella waved at them to come to her so she could taste it
it is a true mystery as to why she is so small because the girl is like a bottomless pit and always wanting to eat more.

The civil war thing would have been awesome but we had a really good day anyway and some of these pictures are my new favorites :)

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