Friday, January 9, 2015

My breast feeding story part 2!

on the admin side of my blog the hosting site lets me see what people Googled in order to find me.
and almost every single day it is something to do with breast feeding.
"chachi's breast milk"
"chachi's breast story"
and my personal favorite:
"breast feed me, chachi!"
It makes me laugh but also scared at the same time lol
who would Google that?
 considering the only other famous Chachi I know, besides myself is:
 so if you really want Scott Baio to breast feed you be my guest but you wont find any pointers on how to go about doing that on my blog!
also I don't know why I get traffic for breast feeding anyway 
since I only posted 1 blog post about it, 
you can read that here.
 I did want to re-address some of my highs and lows about Breastfeeding.
so here it is:

My breast feeding story part 2!
      and all you chachi Google searchers there are some pictures...
ekkk I might be inviting the weirdo's now!

back before I had kids I was so uneducated about all that is involved when choosing to breast feed. 
I had this vision of just blissful happy easy comfortable feeding times. 
I was naive to all the work and mess and pain and just inconveniences this free and healthy form of feeding had in store.
so for all you soon to be moms that are considering breast feeding
 here is a list of things no one really tells you about it.
or at least no one told me.

you leak!
you leak on the opposite boob the baby is feeding on
you leak if baby misses a feeding
you leak if baby cries
you leak if any baby cries
you leak if husband touches your boobs
you leak if you talk about boobs or milk or feeding or mouth, or baby, or dairy, or the weather!
you leak a lot!
so unless you want to change your shirt you just might walk around like this...
because this is what a receiving blanket is for, right?
or you could use breast pads
 but I am a penny pincher and I use my pads for when I leave the house.
 for those occasions you will be gone from baby for longer than 3 hours you need something more then the pads.
yep just cut one in half, tape the open cut ends and stuff your bra.
then make sure you explain
 to your younger non-kids having friends that  No you are not stuffing your bra to get bigger boobs you need to keep all the leaks under control. 
they probably will still look at you all crazy eyes but your shirt will be protected.
and for the times that you do have baby with you
 just know that baby typically doesn't eat on a schedule.
it kills me when someone asks how often baby eats.
ummm whenever shes hungry!?!
and let me tell you they never pick the right time or place for feedings.
I have many times had to pull over and breast feed on the side of the road.
also if baby is with you and you need to feed on the side of the road or any other inconvenient place
 you need easy access
 breast feeding (at least for me) is an amazing way to loose the baby weight
you can't wear that super cute dress
because the only way to whip out the boob would be to take the entire dress off
and even though I feel like the country is slowly becoming more accepting of public breast feeding
 I am not sure full nudity would go over so well.
I never thought I would cry over spilled milk.
but I have and not only cried I had a full on melt down about it.
pumping is hard work!
with my first baby I hand pumped
and with Stella, I was gifted an electric pump
either way you feel like a cow
and it takes forever!
and you only get maybe if your lucky 4 oz!
which means you have to do it a lot in order to build up a good stash.
 after all the work and time put into that small amount of bottle
lets says you get up to use the restroom only to return and witness
in slow motion I might add
You will never be able to eat a hot dinner plate with everyone else
it never fails
I get meals on the table and just as we finish our prayers
 baby starts crying.
you might suggest eating with one hand...
yeah you try it and tell me how cutting up a steak with one hand works.
I will say my husband does help a lot during this nightly routine
he will feed me, sometimes lol
But other than that he is no help when it comes to feeding the baby.
sure I could make him get up and do the night feedings 
baby wakes up crying because she's hungry and it takes about 20-25 minutes to heat up a frozen bottle of breast milk on the stove top. (microwaves are not safe) by that time baby is screaming and we have 3 other children trying to sleep and if you think making daddy do some night feeding means mommy gets to sleep HAHAHAHA! nope.

plus there is the pain!
engorgement feels like your boobs are growing a large rock and it's trying to bust out of your tiny nipple.
cracks and sore nipples are like having cuts on your lips
it hurts.
and when baby gets teeth and bites you
yeah that's not fun
at all

So I know what your thinking 
why would anyone want to breastfeed after knowing all this?
well it's actually pretty simple
my baby was 6 pounds and 7 oz when she was born. 
the only thing she has ever eaten in the past 2 months was food my body produced and now she is a healthy 11 pounds 2 oz!
 that is a huge confidence booster to let you know you can take care of this little creature God blessed you with.

I know people always talk about the "Bond" you have with your child because of breast feeding
  I always thought that was crap.
my kid will have a bond with me because I am it's mother 
but let me tell you 
I was blown away by the bonding experience!
with Belle and Stella it was instant
but with Hazel I have really only noticed it in the last 2 or 3 weeks
before I just felt like this was just another child I had to take care of.
she needed to be fed, I fed her and then put her down and started getting laundry done or cooking dinner. it was just another thing on my long list of to dos
there was a couple of times after school that we would walk in the house and immediately I would take the older babies to the bathroom, get them a snack, turn on a movie and make sure the older kids were getting homework started. it would be about 15 minutes before I realized Hazel was still sitting in her car seat by the entry way!!
I got so busy with everything else and I was seriously feeling like Hazel was not connecting with me because of it.
and I had fears that this was going to cause her permanent damage
she was going to turn into some unemotional cold hearted psychopath.
I mean she hadn't once smiled at me!
so I made an effort to make sure that when I am feeding her I concentrate on just us.
not my phone 
or try to multi task in someway
this moment right here is what's most important
and once I started to slow down I saw our bond grow.
she would give me boobie hugs.
they are the best!
and she would stare right into my eyes, it was like she was saying thank you mommy.

and I got my smile on Christmas eve night!
and hundreds more since 
All the pain, inconvenience and mess of a roller coaster breast feeding is 
it is totally worth it!
I don't care if you breast feed for a day or till the baby is able to walk up to you, pull down your shirt and say my milk. 
but I just want to encourage every mom to at least try.
and for tons of reasons you might find that it's not for you or you are not able to but at least you tried.

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