Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hazel's first birthday letter

Dear Hazel,
I have heard many times that God gives you the kind of children you need. 
You are exactly the perfect fit for that.
You are so laid back and content.
calm and happy.
The perfect combination of sweet and just a tad of sass.

 your first few months were spent rushing around for the holidays and sports and school events and lots of kids (ours and babysitting) and other things that just caused me to stress. I hated feeling like I was being pulled to do everything when the only thing I wanted to do was to sit with you and get to know you. You were a big part of helping me put my foot down and finally stop taking on too much. Thank you. I hope that I have started to make it up to you.
 this past year has gone way too fast. I am so proud of all you have accomplished and all the milestones you reached. everyday I can see your little mind growing and learning.
 I have a confession.
 I was never all that great at school and I feared that I would pass that to my kids and you would struggle. 
But even at this young age your daddy and I can tell that you study everything around you. 
you take it all in and you really try to figure things out. 
how it works 
how you can do it
then you do.
  I will never ever forget that moment of holding you with butterflies in my stomach as all three of your big sisters walked into the hospital room to meet you. The smiles one their faces and the oo's and aww's about how cute you were made me so happy BUT when Stella started crying saying
 "MY real baby Hazel?!?" 
over and over, I couldn't hold back my tears! 
It is the biggest pleasure and honor of my life to be able to bring you 4 together as sisters. They welcomed you into their club and you will always have each other no matter what.
you are pure joy.
another perfect piece to our family puzzle
the biggest Blue eyes every stranger has ever seen
the happiest alarm clock
give the best kisses at just the right time
your love with food
and our little brave monkey

I look forward to every day I get to spend with my little side kick.
I am so crazy in love with mama's girl!
This past year has been one to remember.

Happy 1st Birthday
Hazel Gwendolyn Taylor.

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