Monday, October 12, 2015

Hazel 11 months

 someone asked me the other day how old Hazel was and without hesitation I said 10 months.
but then I remembered the actual date that it was and I said no she's 11 months and 1 week. I also got an email that describes all the milestones to expect from my toddler, I deleted that garbage.
Her first birthday is 3 weeks away and I don't have anything planned or ready for it. the world needs to stop forcing me to let my kids grow up.
 we will never get this 11th month back.
 so here it is.
11th month up date on my sweet baby Hazelnut.
 she's 21 pounds.
she has three teeth but three more are all poking out at the same time.
she says mama, dada, belle belle, slla (we think that means stella) ea (we think Julia) iyauu (i love you) and just lots of screeches and squeals.
she still eats everything. 
she's slowed down on nursing a lot but still wants to at least 3 times a day.
she sleeps through the night 95% of the time
she loves to swing, play with rubber ducks, crawl freely around the house, and be my shadow every where I go.
she is just so laid back and content.
she doesn't really care whats going on around her as long as something is happening for her to watch.
she just so used to chaos with all her sisters.
 she's not walking yet but her legs are getting stronger and her balance is getting more stable.
none of my kids walked before their first birthday so I didn't expect Hazel to either.
she climbs stairs.
 if your holding her just sitting still she moves a lot. twisting and turning bending backwards and climbing all over. but if your moving she sits still. she's fighting diaper changes. and is only ticklish right on her collar bone no where else. she loves wearing shoes. and even though we have like 15 different binkies she is very particular to the 2 or 3 she will suck on.
 and yes for the most part she is bald but it has grown a lot in the last month. we think she will have Belle's white blonde hair. she gives the best kisses and is learning new things everyday. it's so fun to watch her connect things and figure out the world around her.
she recognizes other people now besides us. like she knows her grandmas and grandpas. her aunts, friends, and when we go to familiar places we frequently visit like church, loved one's homes, library, grocery store, school she recognizes where we are and either gets excited or starts to kick.

(insert monthly picture soon, she's napping right now)

I love this girl so much!
and now that I finally posted on her monthly update 
I have to stop putting off what comes next.
she deserves a great birthday party!
I have to start planning!!!!

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