Friday, October 2, 2015

photo tip: my edit style

It's been a while since I shared a photo tip 
so I wanted to share something

I have realized that in my photos I like balance.
I like "clean backgrounds" 
my definition of that would be no trash cans, distracting lights, telephone wires, poles, cars, random people and just junk.
when scouting out photo locations I try to find areas that don't have these things
but there are times where it's unavoidable.
so I have to edit them out.
and I also use some tricks to help move your eye away from that area. 
here is an example
Miss Belle was coloring but the light on her face was so pretty I had to snapped a picture. but there was no way I could capture her eyes and crop out the pile of toys in the back.
 so I cloned them out and softened the area to help blend in any shadows. I also like to change more serious expressions in a different tone like bronze
 I know that sometimes the things I notice not everyone else does. I have been told many times that I am obsessing over something no one would see. but it's my photography, my work, a reflection of me. and I want to show what I want you to see.
 I really wanted the focus to be on Hazel's eyes peeping out over her high chair tray. and although I love the giant spaghetti strainer hanging on the wall. I felt like it was distracting in this image.
I could have removed it but it didn't bother me until after I uploaded the images and really looked at them. I again cloned, softened and then went black and white.
 but if you know me at all you know more times than not I love a great color picture.
Stella had just finished a glass of juice and had a little pink mustache. but her eyes were so stunning and that's what I wanted everyone to focus on.
As you can see my girls have gorgeous eyes so I'm always wanting to focus on them, not juice.
 I typically lean towards the more blue tones when editing because to me they add drama to the picture and make the colors a little more bold.
These are personal prefrences.
there is no real rule book on what to edit out or how to edit.
 after 5 years ( more on my anniersary soon) I feel like I have finally found a style I love.
 and for the most part I feel like I stick to that when editing and shooting personal and profession pictures. I want to be able to have a portfolio that is cohesive and anyone can look at even one picture and say "yep, That's a Kassondra picture." 

-Julia has expressed a few times that she does not want me to post pictures of her. I am trying to be respectful. otherwise I would have included some of her too. I do love my oldest just as much as my littles.

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