Monday, December 31, 2012

top blog post of 2012

My silly little blog has grown so much in the last year! I still find it so funny that people actually enjoy reading what I have to say. even though I misspell at least 3-4 words per post you still come back. Thank you so much! I wanted to put together the top ten blog post of the year 2012

10) whats the going rate for babysitting

a post about my sister and her friends
9) Push
my mom finally doing what she loves to do
8) more important than a bird
this post was about me quitting my job and doing what I want to do

7) What a wonderful world
such a happy day for one of the best couples I know
6) young love
a sweet proposal

this post was hard for me to share because I was pretty self continuous 
4) Stella Josephine Taylor
meet our new addition

3) wedding in a barn
one of the best weddings ever!
The biggest lesson I learned 
1) today is the day
a collection of all my pregnancy pictures
I have 18,000 views on my blog! thank you so much for reading. here's to tons more in the year to come!

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