Friday, March 30, 2012


When we were looking at houses to buy, last summer, I was very stressed out and almost having a breakdown. My wonderful husband took over all the phone calls paperwork and house hunting for me. (He's so wonderful!) 
One day he said he had already talked to the owners and agreed on a price and we were ready to move in as soon as I got back from my mission trip. I was a little afraid. I asked "does it have a front porch?"
"no. but there is a perfect place to build one someday! Kassondra once you see the front door you will love it!"

He was right!
My front door is bright pretty Green! This big beautiful white house with a bright Green door! it was so me! just a touch of oddness :) 

We still  have plans for a front porch but life has a funny way of putting plans on hold. So I had to figure out a way to make my front yard a little more pretty.

So I built a Bird bath!

And planted some pretty pink flowers! I think the white green and pink go so perfect together! My flowers are just now starting to bloom and I feel like an old lady. I am so excited to just sit on my  steps and look at them grow! I am so proud! 

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