Monday, May 21, 2012


This is going to be pretty random and a big photo dump of my families adventures this past weekend. 

Fist off is a picture that cracks me up. I looked back at the girls and saw Belle doing this.......
 It reminded me so much of my Brother Gage. I swear I was just his surrogate and Miss Belle is actually his child not mine! Those eyes and hair!!! miss him!

Me and The Julia went Yard sale shopping all morning on Saturday. If you ever need a yard sale buddy she is definitely the person to call! 
 She had a budget of 2 dollars to spend and she picked up these gorgeously large clip on earrings for 50cents!
 She got a sponge-bob stuff animal for a quarter, a pair of binoculars for a $1.00 But her best find was this Blow up ski ball set for......................FREE! that's right! Free! she talked the man into lowering his price from $2.00 to nothing! She is officially the bargain QUEEN! She even has left over money to spend in the candy isle at the grocery store.

 I picked up a few things for the new baby and Miss Belle seems to think that means I got them for her....
 We were driving and passed a festival. I shot Brian a a look from across the car. He knows I have a soft spot for festivals :) They are always so much fun! I made a deal with him that I would buy him a few pull offs if we could walk around. He said OK! but he didn't win.....
 The Julia begged to go on this!
 I agreed hoping she wouldn't be tall enough but my girl was!!!! I was terrified! she laughed the whole time.

 Today Miss Belle is wearing her very first pair of cut off jeans :) I think she looks super cute!
 and just to leave you with one last picture that melts my heart............

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