Monday, July 2, 2012

Kings Island

My wonderful Cousin gave us tickets to Kings Island this past weekend. Everyone thought I was crazy for going in the heat and being almost 9 months pregnant. I just ignored them all because I knew my family would have the best time and beside isn't walking a natural labor inducer?

First we rode a few rides. Julia  wasn't tall enough last year and she was heart broken when even on her tippy toes her head didn't pass the height requirement.  But this year she could ride ALL but three rides! This picture is completely out of focus but I absolutely love it!!!! It just is so her!

 After the heat got to much for us (104 degrees!) we headed on over to the water park

 If you ever wondered why we call her THE JULIA here's your answer:
The life guard kept whistling at her to stop bouncing from tube to tube and her daddy warned her time and time to stop too. but once she gets an idea she is determined to try it out!.......she then was told that if she can't fallow the rules she will not be allowed on the lazy river! seriously who else but THE JULIA would get kicked off the lazy river?!?
 It was a fun day! I am positive all the walking helped progress my labor but I am still pregnant. The doctor did say he would be surprised if I lasted another week though! So here's one more prego picture until then:

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