Friday, November 30, 2012

Play Doh

I struggle to find things to keep my girls busy. 
We always have craft time and play time and nap time and TV time and outside time and errand time but
for some reason they always seem to feel like we have nothing to do!
I am always on the look out for ideas
and again I found one on PINTEREST
love that site!
flour, salt, water and food coloring

 separate into little balls and add food coloring
then you have homemade play doh!
Miss Belle is not a fan of getting her hands dirty

 but after the Julia showed her you could make little bug creatures she was all game.
I know what your thinking
 a girl that hates dirt but loves bugs
yep that's miss Belle
she's one of a kind
I love her

and the play doh did it's job! the girls were occupied for TWO hours!
and the only reason they stopped playing with it was because it started to dry out and the colors were all mixed up and turned an ugly brown color.

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