Monday, February 11, 2013

my kitchen nightmare

you have herd me MANY times complaining about my kitchen
you even seen me have a crazy moment and paint my floors
you have sensed my frustration of cabinet doors falling off, countertops not being properly installed causing them to shift around everytime they are touched.
I have been mortified at the thought of hosting any sort of party becasue this kitchen is just things of nightmares!
here is the tour
 view from the hallway
 from the back door
 little eating area (i tried to make it cute)
 this is the view from the table.
so scary right!!! 
and to think i have been cooking meals for my loved ones in here for a little over a year and a half.
but thats all about to change!!!!!!!!
we are going to start the renovations 
i am so excited!
it's going to finally be beautiful!!! 

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