Thursday, March 7, 2013

bad mom

One downfall of having me as  a mother
I get dates and times confused. unless it is written down  big and in bright colors we will more than likely be late or miss it all together.....opps! 

Julia was supposed to have an end of basketball season party with all the teams at a local church. They had hired a magician and were going to get medals. Well we packed everyone into the car and pulled into an empty church parking lot. Without looking I could feel the glare from my husband. I did it again. The party was scheduled for the day before! I finally turned to my family and with all the excitement I could fake I said "let's get ice cream!" Hoping in some way it would save me from the disappointment I knew I caused.

I still feel bad julia didn't get to enjoy her party. I have to remeber to write EVERYTHING down!!!!!!!!!

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