Thursday, March 14, 2013

grandma Jo

Brian's Grandma Jo 
I love her
she's something else.
I swear she has a never ending stock of stuff that she has collected over the years and she never uses or doesn't remember why she got it in the first place. 
 and every time you visit she has a pile of things waiting for you.
I have never left her house without a car full of stuff.
most of it is unwanted and gets taken straight to goodwill (shhh)
but some things i treasure and feel so honored that she thought of me when she put the object in my pile.
this was one of those times

Grandma Jo handed me a quilt that was obliviously in the beginning stages
she told me it was the last quilt her mother was in the process  of making before she passed away.

She told me that she wanted me to have it and make something with it. she said she feels like I would be the only one she knows that would actually take care of it. and that meant so much to me. so I knew I had to do something. but I admit I was nervous.
I don't do perfect.
and this was perfect
perfect squares
perfect stitches
perfect lines
I was very intimidated.
so here is what I did:

 I don't want them to get dirty or ripped by little children so I keep them on my bed. I was able to make four pillows and plan on giving Grandma Jo the other two.

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