Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break

O I could hurt my husband sometimes 
 tonight he confessed to me that he accidentally deleted all my pictures from the past week on my phone!!!
to top it off this past week was spring break and I had TONS of cute pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO right now all I can think of is all the ways I could get back at him for it 
there is this thing called marriage 
that kind of means a lot to me 
 and since you can't have marriage without having forgiveness
I guess I will have to just let it go.

So instead of showing you ALL the fun we had 
I will just have to tell you about it and your going to have to use your imagination.
make sure you insert super cute girls that always looked put together with perfect hair styles and matching clothes. never a juice mustache or miss match socks (my kids never do that!)

 first Friday of Spring Break: Julia had her first sleep over at our house.
stayed up late watching movies, eating pizza and ice cream it was a success. and I was voted best mommy ever!
Saturday:family reunion/Easter at my mom's
Sunday: Easter egg hunts at Grandma's and Easter Dinner at another Grandma's
Monday: Red's opening Day parade
(this is from my good camera)
 Tuesday:Kids eat free at IKEA and the girls played pretend in all the display rooms.
Wednesday:I HAD to get some house work done so we just hung out here.
Thursday: We played at an indoor playground with wonderful friends. the best part it was only a dollar a family to play and all the money went to help children in foster care! win win! then we headed over to the park and had a picnic and fed the ducks. probably Miss Belle's highlight of her life! :)
Friday: we hung out with Mr. Korben and painted rocks. Thanks Lisanne for the books! they loved it!

Belle said she made Dumbo. I kind of see it................maybe......
Then later in the evening we headed down to a friends house and visited the bunnies.
again probably another huge highlight to her life. I swear she's an animal whisper.
Saturday: a friend of ours got married. more on that later
Sunday: recovery day! we did a whole lot of nothing! it was perfect!

I say it was a really good spring break. and I am actually sort of looking forward to summer break now. and started looking up things to do but if my husband deletes any more pictures he might not be joining us :P

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