Thursday, May 9, 2013


I have been day dreaming a lot! 
I have so many goals for my photography business that I am so excited and just ready to work work work!
I know I have a long way to go to reach everyone of these goal but then I think about all the goals and dreams God has guided me to already meet and see come true
finding true love
going to Africa
making my passion my job
owning a house
keeping Julia safe
staying at home with my kids during the day
helping others
sponsoring a child 
 one time on an episode of Oprah when she  talked to a child about how her dream of singing with her favorite artist came true what will she do now? the little girl said 
"Dream bigger Dreams!"
So that's what I am doing. 
and I have no doubt in my mind they will come true

I want to build a studio in our back yard and be able to have sessions during the day and cold rain night anytime I feel like doing them :)
adoption and give birth one more time
go back to Africa with my husband
take the kids to Disney
get a bunch or awesome new props and camera equipment
be featured in a magazine
write a book
my Goal for all these dreams is to have them crossed off within the next 5 years!!!
so I am counting on YOU to hold me accountable for working my butt off to achieve them :)

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