Wednesday, May 15, 2013

simple little life

 here is another round of cell phone pictures!!!
enjoy the snip bits of my life. 

Stella is the only one of my girls that likes to wear head bands but she has to inspect them first :P

                           Belle on the other hand LOVES hats! she has a collection of them 

 she's my flower child

 little foot massage with lunch? yes please :)
 planting flowers with aunt TC :)
 I feel like we need more pictures together :) love it when I get to help volunteer at her school and spend time with my favorite 8 year old
 Side walk chalk is a staple at my house
I couldn't ask for a better life. these people I live with drive me crazy sometimes but they also know how to make my days better than anyone else could.
some may look at it as simple and maybe even boring 
another mommy doing mommy things 
no parties
no wild nights
no spur of the moment vacations
meetings with big people in tall buidings
I love it this way

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