Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Huber's

I can not say enough about how much I love this family!
They have so much strength and love. 
Debbie's out look on life is so amazing
and Sarah is the most smart and responsible young lady I think I have ever met!
I have shared with you about Gary's condition here
and I love that even though I have not known them that long it feels like I have known them my whole life!
When I came to visit and get a few pictures
Debbie told Gary that I didn't bring my daughters this time to visit. 
and Gary started crying!
it broke my heart and I almost called my husband to drive them over asap!
 but then like a switch Gary started laughing.
he couldn't stop!
I am so in love with this picture..

 Sarah is such a beautiful person inside and out! she works really hard in school
does a lot of work on the farm, volunteers a lot of time at the Cincinnati zoo and she makes a lot of home made crafts she sells to help her family make ends meet. you can see their facebook page for more details about all the really cute stuff they have.

Ricky is a great guy! his boss sent him over to the Huber's house to cut the grass and just to lend a hand at the farm. a few weeks later he was coming over more and more and shortly after that he asked Sarah out  on a date! probably the sweetest story I have ever herd! Sarah asked if we could get a few pictures of them together too.

I held a little fund raiser. I collected orders for any picture I had taken in the past to be printed on a metal Christmas ornament. The response was awesome! and the ornaments turned out beautiful! 
I collected $100 to donate to help the Huber's out! 
it is such an honor to give back to a family that has given me so much that money can't buy.
They have given me and my family a new out look on life, friendship, laughs, hope.

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