Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Weddings of 2014

I hate that I got so behind of photography post but I really wanted to make sure I get something out there!
here is a recap of all the weddings I shot in 2014!

It was a kind of a last minute rush to find a photographer for Winnie
She contacted me through a friend of ours and she made it clear she had a very simple wedding planned in less than 2 weeks!
she was so sweet I couldn't turn it down.
I got a few shots of them getting ready and all the details. probably less than 25 people were at the ceremony BUT it was a wedding that was full of more love than any I had ever witness before!

 Mark and Maram know how to throw one huge party!
this day jammed pack with lots of celebrations!
These two are perfect for each other and I am so glad to have been there and to capture some extremely sweet moments between them.

 Then last but not least 
an absolute stunning couple!
it was a blast meeting these two and their families.
and I was bawling yet again during the dances.

 Congratulations to all my couples! best wishes and lots of love!

 if you know anyone planning a wedding send them my way! this past year I took a back seat to booking weddings but I want to pick it up in 2015! I promise to be better about blog posting them too :)

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