Friday, January 30, 2015

home school preschool circus week

another super fun theme fo rthis week!
Circus week!

we read books

and watch this video of circus proformers

we practiced our numbers with sprinkles (beads) on our ice cream cone (paper)
  made a clown using fabric scraps a paper plate and wooden nose.
 I really was looking for a gymnastic place that had open gym time for us to play. I didn't want to commit to any classes, just was looking for a Thursday morning fun that some how tied into the circus theme. After days of looking and asking other moms, I couldn't find anything that fit. there are some jump houses close but they wanted 20-25 bucks for Belle and Stella to jump for 1 hour!!! that's silly to me. so I found a ball pit playground at the indoor Sharon woods park! it was only 5$ and unlimited time! they loved it, for the most part, it was dark and some of the tunnels you had to go through were a little too little for me to fit while carrying Hazel. so I stayed at the bottom trying to follow their voices but it was hard and Stella got really scared at one point, sat down and cried until Belle came and helped her get through.
 Then my momma bear had to come out while two boys pushed and knocked Stella to the ground and they ran off laughing!!! oh I walked over to them and with my very obviously angry stern voice I said "Please, do not push."
they had that dear in  the headlights look.
then ran off and made sure not to come near my girls again
hey, I said please!
we will go back again sometime but we might wait a while.
 We attempted to make some caramel popcorn using this recipe
it turned out more like mushy caramel popcorn but the big kids ate it up of course.
 we also made a ring toss game.
in her work book she learned the letters Nn and Oo
and we talked more about Rhyming words.
she is getting the hang of Rhyming!
There isn't a real Circus in town right now and I am not completely in favor of them any ways.
so I don't think we will be going to it when it does come in. But Miss Belle's absolute favorite movie has always been Dumbo. (her Dumbo theme 3rd birthday pictures ) so I knew she would enjoy a circus theme week for home school preschool.

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