Wednesday, February 18, 2015

snowed in.

we are on day 3 of being snowed in our house
day 1 wasn't fun
day 2 was beyond stressful
and day 3 actually seems do able.
but if there is a day 4
I might just run away 
no I will
I will run
to a very warm always sunny place.
like Africa :P 

I just am not a cold loving person
and being stuck in my house is not fun
even though I didn't have any where to go these past few days 
the fact that I CAN'T go somewhere makes me WANT to go somewhere!
The kids were semi behaving so I dug threw the box of gloves to find enough pairs
squeezed on extra socks 
and stuffed the bulky sweaters in to be able to zip up the coats.
then opened the door and let them all run free.
and I figured if I had to be out with them I might as well try to take pictures.

 her snow cloud looks like a heart.

 The youngest 2 lasted a whole 5 minutes
I brought them back inside and we waited until the others couldn't take the cold any more.
That was 10 more minutes

a half hour getting ready
a total of 15 minutes outside
and now I have more laundry to do.
 I have a hard time thinking it's worth it.

I will be doing a special sun dance tonight that all this melts and school will be a go and life will be back to normal schedule.
 please do one too!!!

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