Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Painting oranges

It's been 2 years since we remodeled our Kitchen. We were not completely done at the time but it was just small projects that were left and we figured we would get around to them sooner or later.
well two years went by and we still haven't gotten around to any of the small projects.
it throws all kinds of wrenches in our way
someday it will be done.
two weeks ago we were finally able to replace a broken oven and my Grandma gifted me the table and corner bench I have been dreaming of since we moved in.
I was feeling pretty good about the space again and wanted to build on that feeling.
I saw this idea on the Beautiful Mess website.
I was nervous but also very bored.
so I just went with it.
that built in cabinets we plan on taking out and just making it a giant broom closet with a sliding barn boor.

 Here's the view walking into the kitchen. See my corner booth.
 The beautiful mess ladies made their own stamps but I went with a sponge technique
 I made three different shades of orange and hand painted the leaves.

 I love my white kitchen and this little wall just added a touch a color.
 And for anyone that wonders what my Husband thinks
like all of my decorating ideas he would be against it if I explained what I was doing. So instead I just do it and when it's done he understands the vision and approves. But something tells me if I left it all up to him this whole house would look nothing like it does.

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