Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas card 2015

my top 5 favorite family traditions
Our Christmas card is high on the list!
It's just one thing I force my family to do and even though they would rather not they do it just to make me happy.
I spend lots of time like months and months in advance coming up with an idea. I try to do something that's not so overdone but I do get a lot of ideas from Pintrest or other photographers.

here is a look back at the years past

 This year I wanted to do something based off of my favorite holiday movie. plus we have just the right amount of kids to make it work.
Stay tuned to my Youtube channel to get a behind the scenes video, I will be posting this weekend of how we got this shot. and trust me this picture turned out WAY better than I thought it was based on what it took to make it happen. send me your address through email or PM it to me and I will send you the actual card, there will be a few extra pics of just the kids on it. 

Thank you family for putting on the fake smiles and posing just like a I asked. it really is all I want for Christmas and as much pain as you all can be or think I am I still truly believe we have a WONDERFUL life.

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