Thursday, June 16, 2016

11th letter to Julia

Dear Julia,
The first part of your tenth year was by far the hardest time for me as a mother. I spent many nights on my knees begging God to give me guidance on how to be the kind of mother you needed. I wanted the right words to say the right actions to do the right ways to prove to you that you are valuable. you are wanted. you are enough. 

If I was to be honest I didn't think I would see any calm happy days where we would just enjoy each others company any time soon let alone less than a year later.

 But here we are.
 The progress you have made and the determination that you showed has made me fall in love with being your mother all over again.
 I am the greatest fan of your life.
 and as much as you hate my loud voice
 it's my job to cheer you on holding my neon sign with flashing lights and glitter.
 There is nothing you can't conquer
no mountain too big 
You are worthy
 you are wanted
  you are enough.
 never loose that fighting spirit
that drive
those big dreams
 because those battles you fought were for a reason.
You have amazing talents and gifts to give to this world.
I know I say this a lot and you might be a little numb to my words by now but trust that I mean them with my whole heart when I say that I feel incredibly honored and blessed to be your mom. 

Happy 11th!

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