Wednesday, August 17, 2016

looking for a model to test out a technique!

My girls let Mama play with my camera today. 
I am pretty excited for the ones I got.

The Julia
she hates her freckles but I absolutely adore them and pray that they never fade. I wanted to have a picture of them so I can show her just how beautiful they really are. 
With Belle it was all about textures and shadows. 

 For Stella I just wanted to so a more softer look and natural colors. I love bold and rainbows but sometimes it's fun to do the opposite of what you like just to play around with it.
I took some of Hazel and you will soon see on our Youtube channel that process and how it just wasn't going to work. I am really hoping I can get a model to try that technique out soon. message me if you have a newborn or are pregnant and would like to try something called a milk bath portrait. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!! but babies older than say 5 months is really not ideal for them. :( 
o well I will try something else on Hazel soon :)

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