Sunday, June 11, 2017

Julia's 12th letter

Dear Julia,
You are entering into you're last year of childhood! 
that sentence is like a punch in the gut for your mom.
 I am in denial and really don't want to post this letter or share your pictures. I am hoping that if I just bury my head in the sand, cross my fingers and beg God he will let me go back in time and relive your baby years, toddler days and kid moments. but then again I look back at all the pictures and I am reminded that we have had great time and some really really hard times.
you have come such a long way 
I am going to let you in on a very big secret here
parents are totally winging it when it come to raising kids, 
especially the first born.
we screw things up
we don't always know the best answer 
we have high expectations
not really sorry
We don't always know what to do
We will never stop
not sorry

this past year you have really made me so proud.
countless people have told me all kinds of good deeds, responsible acts and great achievements they have witnessed you do. I promise none of the hard work you have done goes unnoticed. Things are changing and as much as I miss your chunky baby cheeks or toothless grin I am so looking forward to all the big things you have ahead of you and to support you in finding God's purpose for you.
 Julia mean Youthful
to me that is 100% accurate.
your spirit and energy can be perfectly described as youthful.
you are always on the go and ready to take on more, do more and nothing scares you

 Your love of cooking as only grown
It's so nice to see you really find something you that makes you happy and interested in. plus it's a huge bonus for me. although I sometimes get a little mommy guilt that I am not doing enough and letting you just be a kid instead of cooking dinner most nights. You are really good at it!
You put a lot of pressure and importance in your school work
and that just makes me burst with pride. you have big dreams and big goals for what you want to be in the future and you have so much determination
never lose that.

 We have crossed the stage in life where you pretty much want close to nothing to do with me because you know mom is so embarrassing and really old.
which I respond with No I am not and No I am not!
When mom sings and dances in the car while your friends are in the back seat it's because I'm a teaching you that you should not be afraid of being yourself
When mom still kisses and hugs you it's teaching you that I am always going to love you even when you fight me
When mom misspells words or gets math problems wrong it teaches you that education is important and mom might need a little help ;P
When mom burns food, ruins a craft project, bleaches her shirt, locks the keys in the car, takes you to fun places but they are closed, gets lost, spills drinks, falls going up the steps, makes a complete fool of herself it all just to teach you to NEVER GIVE UP.
My heart might not be ready for all the growing up in your 12th year of life but I am excited to be right by your side through it all. I am your biggest fan. Thank you forever and ever to choosing me to be your mom. You truly have no idea how much of an impact you have made in my life. 
Year 12
here we go!
lets make this last year of childhood the best!

Happy Birthday

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