Monday, June 7, 2021

Crazy plant lady

 One thing that has been bringing me joy,

is plants.

 Even though I have been gardening for over 5 years I still feel like I know close to nothing about what I am doing.

I just really enjoy digging in the dirt and watching something grow.

My backyard has been my getaway for many years because it's free, it's an accumulation of random things I built or placed there that's makes probably only to myself. 

Lots of wonderful memories have been made in my back yard and lots of hard days were prayed over while I sat back there. 

Here is a photo dump of a few recent pictures I took while walking and working on my gardens.


This is my grandma's plant I took from her home after her passing.
it wasn't looking too healthy. 
I moved it to a full sun window and noticed new growth!
I also inherited this plant from my grandma's funeral. it's was taking a turn for the worse in the last few weeks and I was so sad. 
I took a chance and put it outside for a weekend. 
and it came back to life! I didn't think to take a before picture but imagine what it would look like if someone sat on top of this guy. that's what it looked like. 
I am so ecstatic that he's standing talk I insisted we give him a name. 
I feel like plants should have classic names from different countries. 
I asked my husband to name a country and he said Poland.
I googles polish names and Albert was chosen.
meet Albert:

My daughter is concerned for my mental state
I don't know if I can convince her I am doing normal plant lady things.
Pollinators have become reasons for me to squeal with excitement!!!

Now my neighbors are worried about my mental state.......
Now on to actual garden things:
I have a zucchini plant.
squirrels are rapid in these parts and I am sure they will get to this guy before I actually can harvest anything. so I will just photograph what I grow in the meantime and be proud of these 4 leafs sprouting up!

The thing I am MOST exited about is my corn!!!
I can't explain it but maybe in my mind you are not a real gardener unless you grow corn.
everyday these guys are getting taller and taller!
so my own definition of achieving this desirable status is getting closer and closer

Of course I can't forget the strawberries!
we are in peak season right now!
everyday a bowl full is getting picked and eaten just as fast lol

If you have fallowed my gardens then you know in the same bed as my strawberry plants is mint....
not at all on purpose and again we had no idea what we were doing but it's definitely too late now. 
this opps though I swear is actually been the reason those darn squirrels have NOT bothered my strawberries. 
but I have sever guilt because we get an abundance of mint and I never know what to do with it so I don't do anything or very little.
it feels like a waste. 
So I try to find new recipes
I found: mint sugar scrub  
very simple
mix and store in jar

I have constant helpers with me 
Hazel  and Caesar

That's it. 

for now.

check back with you all next week maybe I will have some flowers to share!!!

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