Tuesday, August 23, 2011

becoming a coupon queen!

I am officially jumping on the extreme coupon wagon! Why not right? it literally takes maybe an hour of my time and i save money for my family! now there's tons of options for how you could start your own coupon strategy but i base my system off of this lady here:

for a couple of reasons 1: it truly is simple! 2: shes a local gal. i have found different states have different prices. so her site is accurate with the stores i shop at.

in total i spent $13.41! and this is what i got:

obviously you can't feed your family on ice cream and chips :) I am working on stocking up on meat, paper products, and hygiene things. i get milk points from rempkee/biggs so plenty of times i get free milk. hopefully next year i can start a garden in our new back yard! Here is another website i like to use to figure out what i'm going to cook :

its great because you type in the items you have n your pantry and it will match it up with a recipe. this is what we are having for dinner tonight:

I still have a way to go until i can say i'm a coupon expert but i'm excited to already see results. this weekend I am opening up a savings account to put the money i save into it. we promised the girls Disney world next summer!

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