Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pink Lemonade Party

on the same topic of saving money I decided for my daughter's first Birthday party I would go with a theme that wouldn't require my buying a bunch of expensive things with character's faces on it. so I went on a search, once again with my friend Google and found a super cute party theme: Pink Lemonade!
We had pink and yellow balloons and streamers. I bought a bunch of plastic lemons and some lemon head candy, sparking pink lemonade for the kiddos and mikes hard pink lemonade for the adults.
I also wanted a lemon pinata, but knew it would be along shot to find one. so we decided to make it! it's super easy:
coat strips of news paper in 50% water and 50% glue then cover a balloon with the strips. hang until dry.
once dry paint and then pop the balloon. slide pieces of candy into the hole and cover with tape then paint to match the rest of the pinata. hang and let the kids go at it!
was it perfect shape lemon? no!
did the Julia have fun making it with me? yes
did the kids break it open and grab the candy as fast as they could? duh!

this is Miss Belle's official birthday picture. don't you just love the pink lemonade stand? i do!

and then I had to share this picture:
Miss Belle is very shy! she doesn't like a lot of attention and she hides when someone talks to her. so when it was time to sing happy birthday, she did just that. she hid her face as best she could and then began to cry!

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