Friday, August 26, 2011


When said I take pictures of babies all day I really wasn't lying! But one of my absolute favorite thing to take pictures of is little wrinkly baby feet, but it stops there cause adult feet gross me out! :) here are a few of my favorite feet shots i have taken:

This next one is very dear to my heart because these little toes are walking on the dirt streets of Uganda. (more on that soon)
then finally one of my all time favorite family shots! for Christmas last year my husband had this picture blown up and framed for me. it's hanging in our living room above the couch.

soon these Baby feet will grow big and i will be grossed out by them touching me but until then i will continue to snap away at them. I will be back to post on Monday- you have homework for the weekend think of something that you will miss when your children get old and take a picture of it. Send me your pics!

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