Monday, September 12, 2011

halloween decoration week!

Since Halloween is the first holiday in our new house I couldn't wait to decorate. I know what your thinking, Halloween is a month and a half away! I'm just excited! so I thought I would share with you some DIY Halloween decorations this week everyday will be a new one!

for the first spooky decor you will need two colors of felt for stocking and a piece of black felt for boots. a sewing machine and scissors. that's it!!
I cut out the boots easiest way to do that was to fold the felt in half and then cut.

next I made rows of the different color felts. I hate measuring and I figured witches aren't perfect so my rows are not perfect :)
then I sewed the rows together

next I sewed on the boots:

I just used duck tape to stick the legs onto the inside of our fireplace. what a great way to start getting your house in the Halloween spirit.

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