Friday, September 16, 2011

halloween DIY #5!

Before I show you the final DIY of the week I wanted to show you what craft time REALLY looks like in my house:
I have to take lost of breaks beacuse one is crying, one needs a diaper change, more juice, they get bored or just want to help with the sissors! (they dont actually help with the sissors they just want to!) even though sometimes my 30 min craft could take all day to finish how could I complain when I get to see 3 beautiful babies smiling and clapping for me when I do finally get it done.

OK now on to the craft!
I love my green door, it was one of the many things I had on my list for my dream house, I wanted a front door that stands out! I wanted to make a wreath to welcome everyone into our home.
all you need is a wire hanger, trash bags scissors and paper! I didn't have a wire hanger and with three babies to tote around I was not going to go to the store to buy one, so I used something circular shape I found in our basement.
cut strips of the trash bag out.
then tied the strips the the wire:
keep tying until completely full all away around. then fluffed the ends of the bag out.
I wanted it to look kind of like a ghost and also to hide the other wires in the middle so i cut out eyes and the word BOO! taped them to the wreath and hung on the door.
(Miss Belle loves to look out the screen door and yell at the dogs walking past.)

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