Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a little behind

This past summer has been a very hectic and busy one. we were temporarily living at my mom's house until our house was ready and I went to Africa for 2 weeks. we didn't forget about Julia's Birthday back in June. we celebrated it in our own way at jump in.
We are just a little bit behind on taking her birthday pictures. My friend told me about a little park by her house that over looks the Ohio river. we drove down there together and I snapped away.

She wanted to do something different with her pictures this year so we picked out a cow girl hat. she got my sense of creativity somehow :)

I am amazed at just how beautful she is, inside and out. This past year The Julia has taught me that she is more and more like her dad every day. She has a heart so big and she cares about everyone she knows. Her sister is her pride and joy. she wears her 'I'm a big sister' button from the hospital all the time, and I catch her sneeking into Belle's room to kiss her good night one more time. She is the type of person I have always wanted to be. she's outgoing and funny. everyone falls in love with her within the first 5 minute of meeting her. I also learned that there's no tricking this one. she's smart and figures out every riddle, puzzle, game and white lie I tell her. That little mind is always working. But no matter how grown up she acts or tries to be, her dream is to become a Princess. it's a struggle every morning to make sure she doesn't go to school in her dress up dresses. I always say that being a step mom was a role I never even thought about growing up but it's become one of the greatest roles. I feel like God truly picked me to raise her and I want to make sure she gets the childhood she deserves!

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