Thursday, October 27, 2011

last weekend in pictures

This past weekend was another busy weekend for pictures! This is seriously becoming my new favorite time of the year just because of all the pictures I get to take!!
First up we have my cousin and her little family! This baby boy is seriously the sweetest thing! He has this cute little voice. If he doesn't grow up to be an explorer I will be shocked! He LOVED walking around the woods.

Next up is an old friend from elementary school! Beth and her family have been threw some tough times in the last couple of years but have a great out look on life. We got some BIG family pictures taken with Beth's father and sister and her sisters family. Her dad was cracking me up all night! And let me tell you He is the definition of a Grandpa that is CRAZY about his Grand kids!!!

Then I ended my weekend with probably the most IN LOVE couple I have ever met. (besides me and my hubby :P) Being raised by a single mom I know they always worry that they won't find someone that would love her AND her kids. But Ashley has no worries in that department. Travis is crazy about her little boy. and you would probably think that she would feel so lucky to have him and she does but the look in Travis's eyes when he looks at her is proof that he feels 10x luckier to have both of them! I can not wait till their wedding!!!

does this picture not remind you of that brad paisley song where the little boy overhears his mom getting proposed and he prays that she says yes?! LOVE IT!

This coming weekend is another weekend full of pictures!!! yea!

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