Monday, October 24, 2011

my day off

Like I said Friday was my day off so I woke up took Julia to school then went straight back to bed. and the best part was Miss Belle stayed quietly sleeping in her bed till 10:30!!! I was so happy that I decided to reward her with a donut from the bakery! Then we headed out to visit my amazing Grandma. She is kicking butt in her fight against cancer. She took us out to lunch and spent some time with miss Belle. Then before we knew it The Julia was on her way home from school. I made a yummy dinner and took the girls out to a Halloween party. details on The Julia's Rapunzel costume later on in the week. stay tuned :P
Miss Belle couldn't throw that far but she got a prize anyway. after going threw the haunted house. (kid friendly lol) then taking a crazy hay ride we were ready to go home. (Well really Miss Belle was. she's a home body) I wasn't ready to put them to bed just yet so i decided to make dessert.

we didn't have any marshmallows so we used animal crackers and Miss Belle was happy with the unlimited supply. we then derided to make a tent in the living room and fell asleep. So to say the lest my day off was a busy one but i had so much fun hanging out with some of my favorite girls in the world

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