Wednesday, November 16, 2011

little mud never hurt...right?

Last weekend (before the craziness) I got to take two more photo sessions.
First up was my wonderful cousin Nicole and her little family. I used to work at Sears portrait for almost 5 years and i learned fast that the 2 year olds were always the hardest because they didn't want to sit on backgrounds or hold a teddy bear or look at you and smile. They jumped, ran, made silly faces and at some point during the sessions they would cry because they didn't want to do it anymore. well my sweet Tristan was no exception. but that's why i love doing pictures on my own because we are not trapped in a little room forced to use what we had instead we could run on train tracks, play fallow the leader in the field and throw rocks into the pond.

This is Tristan's version of the silly face :) I LOVE IT!
Next up is a little guy who has a big birthday coming up the number 1! little Skyler was so excited to be outside and having fun with his mommy walking around the park. we got some great pictures.

Happy Birthday big guy!

Today I am thankful for bathtubs! lol yesterday The Julia begged me to go outside and play with her friend. I looked out the window and saw all the mud in the back yard. (it's been pretty rainy the last couple of days.) I looked at her puppy dog eyes and had to give in. when it was almost time for dinner I called her in, but before she took one step into my house I made her strip down and take everything into the washer and jump in the bathtub. she was covered!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thankful that she is able to not worry about food, bills, cars, health, death or work. she is free to be a child and have a real happy childhood. a little mud is going to make me do an extra load of laundry and re-mop my floors for the third time this week! but to hear her laughing in the backyard with her best friend is all worth it.

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