Thursday, November 17, 2011

over 2,000 readers!

Once a week Julia is allowed to get on the computer and play games on a child friendly website. She is going to be just like her daddy, she knows her way around it. My daughter is also really interested in fashion. any given day she comes home from school and puts on a dress, high heels and fixes her hair. I can't even count the amount of times she has used me as her manikin and wrapped blankets around me to make me a dress. she's so creative, she will add sleeves and a bow to finish the look she wants.
Last night during her computer time she asked to watch videos of how to wear a scarf. we found this super cute one of this lady showing many different ways. immediately she wanted to try ALL of them out on me. so I let her use my scarf i bought in Africa and she went to town! click here to watch the video.

Julia is wearing the braid
I have the waterfall
Belle has the Hollywood style

Today I am thankful for you! I started this blog as a way to talk about myself and post pictures. I didn't really think anyone would read it. There are tons of other things you could or should be doing but instead you are here finding out what is new in my life. well I appreciate it! I never thought a stranger would come up to me and comment about my blog! yesterday I marked a milestone in blogging! over 2,000 people have read my goofy stories about Africa, my family, my crafts, and my photography! that's a lot of people! 9 of those people are from Russia and 1 from Denmark! I don't know anyone that lives in those countries. I want to thank you all for reading even though I know some of you probably want to scream at me for my grammar mistakes :P

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