Friday, November 18, 2011

I spy some teeth

one of the Julia's favorite books to check out at the library is 'I SPY'. i found an idea of how to make an I spy game.
first gather a bunch of smaller random items.
place them into a jar and add sand. I didn't hand any sand so we used sugar.
FYI: a grown up should do this part unless you don't mind cleaning up the mess your child spills everywhere eles. I think it was on purpose so she could sneek in a little finger lick of sugar.
we then hot glues the lid onto the jar.
added some decoration and a clue sheet.
then I watched as The Julia played for hours trying to find everything.
Today I am thankful for Orajel. Miss Belle is working on getting her 1 year molars.
I noticed about a month ago she wasn't sleeping threw the night and would wake up screaming these loud shrieking painful screams. I rocked her and cuddled with her. she would eventually fall back to sleep only to wake up two more times during the night. I was so confused. My husband thought it was because of his new work schedule and her missing him....(i just agree with him to make him happy sometimes lol) but i knew it was more. then a couple of days ago i saw that white spot in the back of her mouth poking out. my poor baby was in so much pain!!! some pain medicine and a old rag to chew on helps. but Orajel has been the best immediate relief for her.
when someone is sick all they want is for thier mommy to hold them and take care of them.
It is crazy to me to think that I am now that mommy. She sits in her crib, crying for me to come get her and make it all better. I am thankful that I get to be that person.

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