Monday, November 21, 2011

I do goofy things

Someday my kitchen will look like this! light and clean and fresh with little pops of color. It looks like a great place to bake some yummy treats and at the same time do a little crafting :)
This is what my kitchen looks like: cheap cabnets with gaps and missing doors, half way painted walls and the most grossed out floors i have ever seen! the babys are cute though :)

Now that my wonderful husband is working crazy hours i find myself alone at night after the girls go to bed. I get a little bored and when i get bored i do some pretty goofy things. I saw the paint droppings from when the wall was partially painted white and thought why not just paint the whole floor? We plan on renovating the whole kitchen next year including getting tile floors so why not?
then i thought I don't want an all white floor why not add some color to it?

Like I said it is temporary and i knew the paint would peal off with all the traffic walking threw the kitchen but it cured my boredom :)
I am thankful for my husband's support. I knew when he come home hate it and think about hiring a babysitter to talk me out of things like this while he is gone. but he kept his opinions to himself and said "do you like it?"
I said "better than the ugly red. but no i don't like it."
we both laughed for a long time and just walked out of the kitchen.
He knew when he married me that i am a little on the goofy side but I am thankful that he accepts it and married me anyways.

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