Wednesday, November 9, 2011

more thankfullness

I am SO thankful for this amazing Fall weather we have had this year!!
I hate the cold! hate it! hate it! hate it! it can Cincinnati gets pretty cold and I become a bear hibernating in my warm house. I even tried talking my husband into buying a gas station that pumps your gas for you just so I don't have to get out of the car and face the cold!
But this year Fall has been well perfect!
so perfect that yesterday i took all the babies outside with no coats and we played in the leaves!
Belle got showered with leaves
all thanks to her big sister
JP love to kick them
and the Julia's friend came over to play too!
everyone loved it........well not so much little Korben. he's fighting a runny nose and this little face kept telling me it was time to go inside.

I saw on the news that we are getting some rain this week and as i type this i can see grey clouds. :( bummer! but they promised lots of sun shine during the weekend! which is perfect because I still have TONS of picture appointments!

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