Tuesday, November 8, 2011

our thankful tree

During the month of November I have been writing about one thing that I am thankful for. I love doing this because after you say family and friends and the big things you have to really dig deep and find something new to say. This got me wondering what would the other people in my life say they were thankful for? I found this idea from Ashley ann (I love her photography and well everything else about her!you should read her blog!!!)

every day during dinner time we are going to pick a pretty leaf from the bowl and think about one thing we are thankful for. write it down and then tape it to a branch of our thankful tree.

Today I am thankful for forgiveness and the unconditional love my daughter Julia gives me. Like I said in earlier post we have been arguing a lot lately. She is not my biological child but she defiantly inherited my stubbornness and need to always be right. But in the heat of the moment when i send her to her room and feel like all I have done is screamed at her all day she sneaks love notes under my bedroom door or sets up all of her pillows on the couch and forces me to sit down and relax. She loves to say "time out! we need a family group hug and makes everyone get together and hold each other for a pretty long time.
She has been through some tough times in her short life and I know If our stories were switched and I had to go threw those things I would be a very bitter angry person but she is loving, caring, and sweet. She has taught me to open my heart and I would not be the person that I am without her. I am thankful for her unconditional love even when she is being punished for stealing my craft supplies, losing my favorite scissors, and drying out my brand new markers!
When it was her turn to tape her leaf to the tree I almost cried when i read what she wrote:
I cant wait to see what our tree looks like by the end of the month!

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